"Why is Supplements Needed Today?"

The role and purpose of Supplements for family health is critical for parents to understand today, because Food and Water nutritional quality is not the same as 30-40 years ago.

So, "What is supplements and their role?"

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This is nothing more than vitamins and minerals (also known as nutrients), needed by our bodies to function properly, which is not absorb by the body while eating food or drinking water.

Vitamin have been one of the major nutritional discoveries of the 20th century and, in the past three decades, vitamin have been used to promote anything from bottled water to cosmetics.

Your family also need a wide range of minerals to be healthy and they need them in the right amounts.

For a mineral to be considered essential, it must perform at least one function vital to life, growth or reproduction.

The function of minerals is to:

  • strengthen bones and teeth,
  • maintain a healthy immune system and
  • supports vitamins to do their work.

Mineral are divided into two main categories, Macro minerals and Micro minerals.

Marco minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, are required in comparatively large quantities.

Micro minerals, such as iron and zinc, are needed in smaller amounts. Some micro minerals, such as selenium and iodine, are required in such small amounts that they are known as “trace elements”.

Each vitamin or mineral performs several specific functions or is needed to prevent an associated deficiency disease.

"Can your family do without these nutrients?"

Irma, my wife and I had came to the conclusion our family need to use additional nutrients after a series of illnesses during 2005 namely, depression, child deceases, cancer, diabetes and a heart attack. Until then we considered ourselves to be a normal healthy family.

Each individual’s family needs will vary, for example:

  • the need of pregnant women differ from breastfeeding woman,
  • babies, children and adolescents all have different needs,
  • the elderly or people who are ill may have higher requirements for certain nutrients.

Therefore, this information can help you develop an understanding of a comprehensive approach for the usage of Supplements in supporting the health of your family.

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