Want to succesfully lose weight? Then Herbalife is Your choice.

Whether you are looking for help with gaining health or losing weight, improving your sports performance, a specific problem or just wonder what's missing from your diet and daily habits, we're glad to help.

Picture yourself at your ideal weight, full of energy.

Herbalife products let you Lose weight while ... Guess what? ....still eating your favorite food.

Just imagine yourself:

  • free from cravings and endless dieting....
  • Full of health & energy .......
  • Dramatically improve your energy levels...
  • No need to exercise or count calories...
  • Improved sleep. Wake well rested...
  • No more fad diets.

We offer long term success.

There is no calorie counting, no special food, just safe, natural weight loss products designed to help you achieve your goals.


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Is your aim to Improve your Health?

Are you confused by all the messages in the media? Eat this. Don't eat that!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

In today's busy lifestyle reaching for convenient food on the go is an easy and attractive option. These foods tend to be high in fat, salt and calories and often lack essential nutrients denying the body of important vitamins and minerals so it’s important we adopt good eating habits and use supplements when necessary.

Herbalife is proud to be taking healthy nutrition around the world. Millions of people use our weight-management and healthy nutrition. It's balanced and delicious, versatile and easy to prepare - the perfect healthy meal in a glass! Trusted for over 27 years.


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How to Maximize your health with 'intelligent nutrition.

The Herbalife range of quality products aims to provide the elements everybody needs daily to maintain optimum health.

Herbalife maximizes this 'intelligent nutrition' through unique formulation and select, high-quality ingredients.

An intelligent nutrition plan should provide bodies with balanced levels of energy, vitamins, mineral, good carbohydrates, plant-based protein, healthy fats and beneficial fiber, herbs and antioxidants.

The intelligent nutrition concept involves eating a variety of foods - but all in moderation: being 'intelligent' about what we are eating.

The way we personalize programmes to address individual needs is something Herbalife is extremely proud of.

These personalized programmes focus on striving for complete nutrition.


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Fuel your Body; fuel your potential! Make every day a personal best!

So whether you are looking to support heart health, digestion, immunity, vitality or the specific challenges that men and women face, Herbalife has got it covered!


Herbalife's Mission :

To change people's lives by providing the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world.

Take the next step to the rest of your life; feel good about yourself inside and out!

We can help with either a personalized assessment or weight loss products. All you need to do is enter your details in our Contact form and we will contact you

For access to our weight loss products please visit our weight loss supplement shop


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