Quality Vitamin Supplements - Why do we need them?

Vitamin Supplements help prevent deficiencies in "healthy people" when the diet does not provide all necessary nutrients.

The relevant question is: "What does healthy mean to you?" and "What health benefits of vitamins should you be looking for?"

Does it mean that you and your family members "feel Ok" and only visit the doctor once a year or less?

Does it mean living with an ongoing problem you or a family member always had, but otherwise you are OK?

Or would you say that your definition should be that nobody in the family has ANY health problems.

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But, is that realistic to expect?

With our family today consuming diets that are deficient in one or more nutrients for a variety of reasons we must take note of the fact that research has shown that the typical Western diet often supplies less than adequate amounts of several essential Vitamin Supplements and mineral supplements.

Nutrition surveys in the U.S. and Europe have found large numbers of people consume too little calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and possible copper and manganese.

This is bound to become a international trend as the quality of water deteriorates together with the depletion of soil nutrients which plants are supposed to extract during growth.

On top of that is Weight-loss, pure vegetarian and several other types of diets which can also place some people at risk of deficiencies depending on the type of diet.

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Look at the following impact of soil depletion:

A Canadian study shows that the nutritional value of our fruits and vegetables has decreased dramatically over the last 50 years.

Tim Lang, a professor at the Center for Food Policy in London explains as follows: "We have to eat eight oranges today to get the same amount of vitamin A our grandparents got from a single orange."

There is a direct correlation between the declining nutritional value of our food and the growing prevalence of certain illnesses, and the medical community is beginning to suggest that we take action.

In an article published in 2002, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) states that "...it appears prudent for all adults to take Vitamin Supplements."

This is supported by the fact that, The American Medical Association (AMA) has published the recommendation that everyone should take daily vitamin supplements. They recommend multi-vitamins with minerals.

This recommendation was published in the respected Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)


So now there is no longer any question... the medical establishment say: Take Vitamin Supplements and mineral supplements every day.

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What does this mean for your family?

Everbody always asked the question: "what vitamins should I take?"

It's a fact, Good health starts with the right ingredients...www.healthy-body-ingredients.com teach us more about True Essentials Supplements.

Research has shown that certain groups of people are at especially high risk of dietary deficiencies. For example, studies have found that elderly people living in their own homes often have dietary deficiencies of vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, and zinc, and occasionally of vitamin B1 and B2.

With Pre-menopausal women it was found that often they consume low amounts of calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C leading to vitamin deficiency.

Each individual’s and each family's needs will however vary, for example:

  • the need of pregnant women differ from breastfeeding woman and they could easily develop prenatal vitamins deficiency;
  • babies, children and adolescents all have specific needs;
  • the elderly or people who are ill may have high requirements for certain nutrients.
  • Women over 40 needs are also different. Check out the following for more detail"Guide for women over 40, working together for empowerment and good health"

Research found that where there is a lack of nourishing food in the child's early years, it could led to short stature due to stunted growth.

Children with stunted growth also had a higher tendency later to obesity. It was found that children today ate little fruit or vegetables, but rather consumed food and beverages with a high sugar content.

Today the need for supplementation is driven by the quality of our food, our water quality and our eating habits. Poor eating habits starts at childhood and about 70% of children bought junk food from tuck shops at school. Not really the best nutritional food choice there is and therefore we need quality Vitamin Supplements.

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What is quality Vitamins Supplements and what is its purpose?

This question immediately came to mind the moment you decide to improve your family's diet by supplementation with vitamins.

Also, what would the vitamin requirements be of your family?

The first choice would be to eat a healthy nutritious diet with lots of variety then you should get most or all of the vitamins that you need.

Second choice should always be natural vs. synthetic Vitamin Supplements. There is an overwhelming amount of information available on the merits of natural vitamins compared with those synthetically made, but if you have a choice, be sure to select the natural variety.

Recent research confirms that natural vitamin E is more readily absorb by the body than synthetic vitamin E, and that the natural type remains active in the body for a longer period of time. Our bodies seem more receptive to vitamins in their natural state, which increases their efficiency in improving our health.

All natural vitamins are organic food substances found only in living things, that is, plants and animals. With few exceptions, the body cannot manufacture vitamins. They must be supplied by the diet or in dietary supplements.

Understanding Vitamin requirements for your family are essential to ensure the normal functioning of our bodies.

The effects of dietary supplements are:

  • growth,
  • vitality,
  • health,
  • general well being, and
  • for the prevention and cure of many health problems and diseases.

A lot of people think Vitamin Supplements can replace food, they cannot!

In fact, vitamins cannot be assimilated without ingesting food. That is why they should be taken with a meal.

Daily Vitamin Supplements should be taken with the purpose to:

  • regulate metabolism,
  • help convert carbohydrates and fats into energy, and
  • assist in forming bone and tissue.

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So why do manufacturers produce synthetic Vitamins Supplements at all?

The answer is simple; because they are cheaper to produce than their natural counterparts, BUT they are not as effective as the natural vitamin supplements.

Vitamins Supplements are essential for health

Some may even help to treat diseases or conditions. The primary source of vitamins is from our diet, however due to the excessive processing of modern foods, which destroys or render inactive many vitamins, plus the chronic problem of depleted soils, many people today are deficient on one or more vitamins, and many modern diseases can be either worsened, or even caused by vitamin deficiencies.

With the exception of vitamin D, which is manufactured in response to sunlight, vitamin A, vitamin B, or vitamin B-Complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K are an essential part of the diet and play vitally important roles in controlling organ and body function.

These nutrients, vitamin A, vitamin B, or vitamin B-Complex, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K will be briefly discussed here. However, for more information, click on the links for the relevant Vitamin.

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Vitamin Supplements summary information

Vitamins are organic substances necessary in very small amounts to control a variety of processes within living cells. Your family require 13 essential vitamins to keep them healthy of which,

The amount of solubility determines how a vitamin is absorbed, transported, and stored in the body.

Obviously, a liquid form is better for solubility. The following website explain in detail the difference between capsules and liquid vitamins and minerals. Two other factors influencing solubility is:

Fat-soluble vitamins require a complex process of absorption as they are carried in the blood by special proteins and are stored in the body in fat tissues rather than excreted.

The water-soluble vitamins are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, where they travel freely. Excess water-soluble vitamins are detected and removed by the kidneys and excreted in the urine.

Vitamins also forms an essential part of the body's metabolic processes, playing a vital role in its enzyme systems.

Deficiencies in any of these essential nutrients can have serious implications on your family health, so to maintain optimum health we need to ensure that their bodies always have an adequate supply of these important substances.

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For more detail about the individual vitamins supplements and a better understanding of dietary supplements risks and the benefit of vitamins read more about:

vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K

Nutrition Health Information Organization - It is our plan at health-info.org to shed light on some of your nutritional questions allowing you to make your own decisions by offering you simple information on these health related topics.

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