eSpring™ Water Purification System

You'll learn more about the important health benefits of a UV Light Home Water Purification System. Maintenance of such a system is easy if you choose the correct Home Water Purification System.

We all know water is essential to live. But most of us are not aware of the crucial role water plays in virtually every organ and function of our bodies. Water does more than sustain life.

Water can actually improve our health, our fitness, and even our appearance.

You'll learn more about the importance of drinking water as you read through this section.

First let us have a look at what is happening to water quality in South Africa and around the world:

SA faces contamination crisis

2008-2-3 - Business Times

Johannesburg - South Africa is on the brink of a water contamination crisis, potentially as bad as the electricity fiasco of the past few weeks, Business Times reported on Sunday.

The report - in the possession of the newspaper - is the latest of several recent indicators that government is no longer able to effectively monitor and manage its vast infrastructure of dams, pipes, pumps and treatment facilities.

Among the alarming findings contained in a series of reports are the following:

  • 43% of dams managed by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) have safety problems and require urgent repair.
  • An estimated R180bn is necessary to replace old water service infrastructure countrywide, including in the major metro areas.
  • Waste water from mining operations appears to have seeped into the country's groundwater system - a process known as acid mine drainage - raising concerns about future water supply.
  • Vegetables and fish collected in the Wonderfonteinspruit Catchment’s Area west of Johannesburg have been contaminated with radioactive uranium -and the National Nuclear Regulator is testing milk and meat from cows grazing in the area.
  • Water in the Wonderfonteinspruit area has also been contaminated by radioactive material, as well as by heavy metals and salts, the Business Times said.

The regulator did not reply to Business Times' questions before deadline on Friday.

There are many reasons to choose an eSpring™ Water Purification System over any other water treatment system, and after reading through this section you will understand why

  • the certifications it has received,
  • the contaminants it removes,
  • the technology behind it,
  • the way it performs,
  • the convenience and
  • peace of mind it offers, and, of course,
  • the great-tasting water with all beneficial minerals intact that comes out of your tap every day!

It is simply contributing towards your family's health.

Below we discuss the typical features and benefits of owing a quality eSpring™ Water Purification System.

But please take the time to watch the following video to see a very good demonstration of the purifying power of this system.

eSpring Product demostration with different tests

It uses Patented Ultra-violet Light TechnologyUltra-violet (UV) Light technology destroys micro-organisms. The Water Purifier’s UV Light bulb, located in the center of the cartridge, puts out up to 80 Milli-joules (units of measure) of UV Light – enough to destroy more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that may be in drinking water.

This will provide your family with healthy pure drinking water in your home.

It will reduce your exposure to harmful bacteria found in drinking water due to deteriorating maintenance of the municipality water systems.

Having this eSpring™ Water Purification System in home takes away the need to drive to the store to get bottled water giving you more time to spend with the family. With the demand for clean quality drinking water set to increase, due to municipality water systems not coping as a result of the demand or old technology, it will push the price of bottled water up as well.

This eSpring™ UV Light Water Purification System also reduce the money spend on medicine to treat or prevent bacteria and virus related illnesses, something we hardly ever thought of relating back to the quality of our drinking water.

The bottled water industry is growing at an enormous pace the last 5-10 years, it nearly doubled. The quality of bottled water is not guaranteed and many research studies has found that the bottled water quality is in many cases equal to the normal tap water quality, in actual fact that in numerous cases normal tap water (municipality water systems) were found to be the source of the bottled water.

People will buy the bottled water on perceived better quality, also with out thinking about the extra time it took to buy it at a store or without thinking about the money spent on the cost of gasoline driving to the store. Buying this eSpring™ Water Purification System saves you time spend at the store and the cost of gasoline driving to the store by having it available in our home.

Leaving more money to spend on other essentials for the house or family.

Buying this eSpring™ system provides you with assurance that you have provided healthy pure drinking water to the family thereby contributing positively towards their health.

It has Wireless connectionsWhich is a patented safety feature-The wireless (inductive electronic) coupling used between the UV lamp and the unit completely isolates the UV bulb from the power source.

This feature gives you the piece of mind that it could be used safely around the home even if there are small children around.

It is Energy savingTurning on the tap activates an electro-magnetic connection to the bulb that switches the bulb on. Because the bulb is not on all the time, it does not waste energy, and the water always flows cold.

You will contribute towards energy saving as the bulb only switches on whenever you open the tap for water. This also increases the lifespan of the bulb saving you on maintenance cost in the long run.

It is Easy to maintainBy eliminating hard-wired electrical connections, replacing the bulb was made simple and since it is protected, it makes the system more durable.

One therefore does not have to learn or have specific skills to maintain this eSpring™ Water Purification System safely. No expensive call out cost for a repairman has to be paid; it can be done by you without hassle. No need to wait for a repairman to fix the problem will ensure availability of pure healthy drinking water at all times to the family.

It has a smart, sleek, space-saving designYou can be the envy of your friends and family will this excellent and modern designed eSpring™ Water Purification System.

It could either be fitted on top of the counter or below, depending on your personal choice. Because of the design it could easily be install by yourself, reducing the need for high costing specialized skills to do the installation.

The On Top of Counter unit can be disconnected and connected within a minute making it easy to take it with you on holiday which will gave you quality drinking water wherever you go. No need to worry about the health of the family when you are on vacation.

Monitor Technology are usedThe electronic monitoring system alerts you if there is any problem, if the UV bulb stops working, for example.

It tells you when to replace the UV lamp and/or filter/cartridge so you always know your water is receiving the full benefit of this Water Purification System.

It is convenient, because it keeps track of these things on its own. It gives you both an audio and visual indication when it is time for a replacement, so you do not have to remember to do it yourself.

The monitor resets automatically when a new cartridge is installed. It is so advanced, it automatically "reads" the life of any cartridge inserted, whether that cartridge is new, half-used, or completely used making it easy for you to know when to change or replace the filter thereby ensuring that your family always has pure healthy drinking water available.

The latest Smart Chip Technology being used"Smart chips" in the monitor keep track of the UV lamp and filter life, and an LED display lets you know when the filter/cartridge needs to be replaced.

Leaving you to focus on other important factors in life.

You do not need skills necessary to determine when the filter or UV light should be changed.

This will ensure availability of pure healthy water at all times as you don’t have to worry about replacement or basic maintenance on the UV light, the system takes care of that for you.

This Water Purification System is the first in-home system certified to meet three separate international standards for water quality by NSF International.

Standard 42, Aesthetic Effects: Tests water treatment systems for their ability to reduce drinking water contaminants that affect the taste, odor, and clarity of drinking water.

Standard 53, Health Effects: Tests systems for their ability to reduce a wide range of drinking water contaminants, including lead, asbestos, VOCs, and pesticides. No other UV carbon-based system has been certified to reduce more health-effect contaminants than this eSpring™ Water Purification System.

Standard 55, Ultraviolet Microbiological Water Treatment: Standard 55 applies exclusively to systems that use ultraviolet light. It certifies the system’s ability to reduce normally occurring micro-organisms in municipally treated water.

NSF International, established more than 55 years ago, is an independent, not-for-profit product testing and certification agency that sets standards for a wide variety of home and industrial products.

It is accredited by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, and it has been designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a Collaborative Centre for Drinking Water Safety and Treatment.

Other NSF requirementsA water treatment system that is NSF Certified must meet five basic requirements because the quality of drinking water is a public health issue:

  1. Certified contaminant reduction claims must be proven through testing performed by NSF International at its laboratories.
  2. The eSpring™ Water Purification System has done this.

  3. The system must not add anything harmful to the water.
  4. The eSpring™ Water Purification System does not.

  5. The system must be structurally sound and designed to meet plumbing requirements such as pressure fluctuations.
  6. The eSpring™ Water Purifier is.

  7. Advertising, literature, and labelling must not contain any false or misleading statements.
  8. The eSpring™ collateral does not.

  9. Only pre-authorized changes in the materials and manufacturing process are allowed.
  10. The eSpring™ materials and process have done this.

The only question remaining is:

Can you afford not to have a system like this when you know that the quality of water is likely to deteriorate sharply at anytime and are you willing to take that risk with the health of your family?”

With a limited 4 week offer on a "On Top of Counter model" for the give-away prize of only R7559 (RSA only) Delivery is 2-3 days from date of order at your home address.

If you are interested and want to buy or know more about the system then please contact our distributors by completing the contact form below. We can deliver in over 90 countries worldwide.

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